Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is Carey's birthday. Please do something for another person today: Perform an act of service, give everyone you love a hug, let someone go in front of you in line or just remember to wear a smile today.

Happy Birthday Care Bear!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 year anniversary of Carey's death

To my big brother, I miss you, I love you and I am so thankful that I will see you again someday.  Thank goodness for the Atonement and Resurrection. The glorious Plan saves us all!

I know I'll see you again someday.

Love you, Little Sis

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Say No To Drugs Day August 2, 2011

Hey guys,
So I decided that August 2 should be "say no to drugs day." Thats the day Carey passed, two years ago. 

I think that we should not mourn that day, Carey wouldn't want us to.  We should celebrate his life by committing ourselves to living a little better and doing good to those around us by saying no to drugs.

Love, Carey's lil sis,
Cherish Hawkins Larsen

Monday, July 11, 2011

Memorial Walk July 22

The Hawkins family are doing a memorial walk in Carey's memory on July 22nd. We invite all of those that would like to to do their own walk when they have time that day. Doesn't matter if its a 5 minute or 1 mile walk. If you would like to participate in the walk, you may.

I know that Carey's in a better place!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pray for Cale

Everyone! Please pray today for Cale Hayward. He is struggling and needs our support. Don't let this brother and son be overlooked. He is my brother Carey's best friend. My brother Carey passed in 2009. I pray that Cale stays alive!

Remember the Journey

Remember the Journey
(Jenny Phillips/Tyler Castleton)
The clouds roll above us
The mighty stars shine down
The rainstorms give life to the ground Everywhere we look we see His hands The almighty Father Has blessed us with His plan
Remember the journey Remember this time
You are being tested You are being tried
Remember your promise Remember your design With every breath
With every step Walk faithfully
Remember the Journey
You loved the Father
You chose the light
Your faithfulness led to this life But so much seems to try to pull you down
To make you loose the light that you once found

Love, Lil Sis

I Wanted You To Know....

I Wanted You To Know......

I Was Sitting Here In Heaven
And Having A Wonderful Day.
I Started Thinking About You
And All The Things I Didn’t Get A Chance To Say.
I Don’t Want You To Worry About Me
And Please Don’t Shed Any Tears,
Because I Will Wait For You In Heaven,
If It Takes A Hundred Years.
Everything I Had On Earth
I Have In Heaven Too!
My First Day Here
My Body Became Brand New.
It Is Really Pretty Here
And I Love My New Home,
Although Your Heart Is Broken
Because My Body Is Gone.
My Love Will Always Be There
As You Go Along The Way,
Just Take A Peek Inside Your Heart
There Is Where I’ll Stay.
Know That I Loved My Family
And All My Friends Too,
My Thoughts Will Be With Each Of You
Your Whole Life Through.

In Loving Memory Of Carey Clyde Hawkins
Who Went Home To Be With The Lord - August 2009